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“As much as I hope I’ve made a difference in someone’s life in Portland, Oregon, the city and trip definitely changed my life. Helping other people and hearing other’s life stories and thoughts on the world has helped me to have a better understanding and knowledge on how to talk to people when I’m in those conversations again.”


Shawnee, OK, Portland

“Watching GoStudents interact with Seville students was such a blessing! The harvest is clearly plentiful. Praise God for these faithful participants!”


Blanchard, OK, Seville

Did you attend a GoStudents project?

“It was a blessing to be able to participate in this mission trip, I’m original from Spain and I’m currently living in Oklahoma, so I was able to help everyone a little bit with the language barrier. All the people that I met was like being with a small family, everyone encouraged everyone, it was just awesome. We got to share the gospel with a lot of kids who were interested about our lives, and seeing that was just an amazing feeling, I truly recommend this experience to anyone that feels that God is calling you to go to missions.”

Pablo Villa


“Seeing how we as Christian came together, from different backgrounds and testimonies, and spread the love and Gospel of Jesus of amazing! I love how God can take 30 people and encourage so many! I know that we have planted seeds for Christ to grow in and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for the people and how He will use others to spread the Gospel to the lost. Great Commison Matthew 28:19-20.”


Caney, OK, Madrid

“Our trip to Seattle was so awesome! God didn’t only work in the lives of the Seattle people, but in our own lives! I am so blessed to have been on that trip and to meet all the new people I did!”


Forgan, OK, Seattle

“I was the first intern for GoStudents, and I loved it! I was in Seville for 4 weeks, and I was able to do a lot of different activities. Monday-Wednesday, I attended a nursing home. I got to interact with the residents there and participate in whatever activity they were doing. It was really fun! I also got to participate in an English chat, and I helped teach a basic English class. When the GoStudents team came, I helped them with the English camps they put on. I really enjoyed being an intern because I got a taste of what full-time mission work is like. I enjoyed building relationships with my host family and with the Spaniards I met at various activities. God taught me a lot about myself while I was on this trip. I would encourage anyone thinking about missions to go as an intern for GoStudents.”


Oklahoma City, OK, Seville

“This trip taught me so much and I loved seeing God at work with the students. At first, I was nervous going on this trip because the numbers of people going grew . I just honestly didn’t know what to expect. This was my first time in [East Asia]! I am usually the quiet girl and my fear there was that I wouldn’t be able to step out of my shell. One of the things that God showed me was that everyone has an equal part or gift that is used to glorify his name. God worked in my heart and gave me strength. I took home stronger understanding of what it means to trust God. I also formed many great relationships with the [Asian] students. I was given the opportunity to speak about the Gospel, to be apart of the harvest (even though they rejected at that moment) so I’m fully trusting God. For another girl, who gave her life while we were there, I still continue to speak to and love on. It’s incredible to have formed this relationship and to have a new sister in Christ. This girl has truly blessed me!!”


Blanchard, OK, East Asia

“The GoStudents Seattle 2015 project was incredible. My team worked with Epic Life Church to serve the community. It was so great to see the Father moving in the hearts of people in Seattle!”


Norman, OK, Seattle

“I had gone on several missions trips prior to Seville, but never before had I had the opportunity to interact with the culture and the community like I did in Seville. I loved being able to come alongside what God was already doing there and be a part of that. Seeing the missionaries’ relationships with the local people gave me a better perspective of what it means to live missionally, whether in Oklahoma or abroad.”


Keyes, OK, Seville

“On this trip, God showed me his infiniteness. He showed me that His power is not limited to our ability, and that there are many ways to share the Gospel. Working with the kids in this highly concentrated [Middle Eastern] population was incredibly eye opening. We weren’t allowed to verbally share the Gospel with the kids as it would have endangered the [M’s] stationed in Madrid. Instead, we showed them God’s love by teaching them English and investing in them, thus building trust with their parents so that the [M’s] could then build a relationship and share the Gospel to the adults who would then, hopefully, share with their children. God is able to move no matter what. His glory and His name will still be made known regardless of how we choose to share it as long as we are living for Him and the furthering of His Kingdom. In Madrid, God showed me how blessed I am to be free to share His Word and His salvation. May that be a privilege we never take for granted.”


Edmond, OK, Madrid